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Of all the abused and addicted substances alcohol is placed at the top of the list. Substance abuse and misuse are terms that we commonly here at present. The rates of addictions continue to increase, as people indulge in these harmful and unhealthy behaviour. However, while there are devices that are designed to detect these, not every is been able to capture. Going back to the topic, as mentioned alcohol addiction is prevalent in almost every country in the world. Even though the types of liquor vary, they do consume it. What people fail to understand is that, it’s harmful and put their lives in danger, in the long run. These intoxication liquids put the public’s life in danger as. You lose the ability to judge between what’s right and wrong under the influence of alcohol. There are many reports of hit and run cases, due to drunk and driving. That said, a device was designed to measure the amount of alcohol that was consumed by an individual. This is known as the ‘breathalyzer’ applied in many areas. Here are some uses of it, in various settings:


Student attending high school and colleges abuses a high rate of alcohol. For that reason, getting best dehumidifier Australia in this situation would be useful. Students, who are addicted to it, have reported to score lower grades. Moreover, long-term use of it has resulted in behavioural issues, going against the norms of the school.  

Law enforcements

This is another area where these devices are widely used. There are many drunk and drive cases that patrolling offices handle. Therefore, to avoid any accidents and for the safety of the public, they use these.  It provides an accurate reading, which allows the officers to decide how serious the traffic breaking crime is.

Business world

The safety of the workplace environment is a factor that is highly maintained and should be kept in mind. Many organizations, businesses, etc. bear losses due to low productivity and higher labour turnover. A major cause for this is rooted to higher rates of liquor addictions. As a fact, using Australian breathalyzer would be very useful in this situation.


Parents who have teenagers would be on guard to check if their child or children are consuming it. Kids have different ways to hide these habits from their parents. Therefore, parents can buy these affordable devices and keep it at home to detect their kids drinking behaviour. As you could see that, this device is truly valuable to prevent and detect individuals at the earliest possible time. As a result, you can educate, fine (e.g. police) and guide them to a better path in life.

Recently got engaged to the man of your dreams? Then you must be busy getting ready for the big day. It can be a bit overwhelming to take over all the tasks that need to be completed leading up to the date of the wedding, but you as the bride probably want everything to be just perfect. You can and should delegate some of the tasks to your family members and friends, but there are certain things that need your final decisive word. Here are some of the things that you as the bride must do to get ready for the most important day of your life;

Start Looking for Your Dress

What makes the day all the more special is that you get to walk down the aisle in a beautiful white wedding gown that you have dreamt yourself in ever since you were a little girl. So make sure that you get your dress ready in time. Start looking at dresses in bridal magazines and visit bridal stores to seek out the best fit for you. Set up appointments with the dress shop or dressmaker and get any alterations and adjustments done with time to spare. Don’t put this off till the last minute. Get the final fitting done and the dress pressed and ready to be worn at least three days before the wedding date. This way you can avoid any last minute hassles regarding your dress.

Get the Bridesmaids’ Dresses and Extras Ready

It is vital to start getting the bridesmaids’ dresses ready at least three months ahead of the wedding date. Pick out the colour, fabric and design and get the girls to the seamstress or dress shop to give their first measurements. Extras such as accessories, shoes and satin robes too need to be selected and prepared well in advance.

It is advisable to not get the dresses adjusted too early because your bridesmaids can lose or gain weight within that timeframe. So get the final fitting done about seven to ten days before the date. Items such as satin robes can be conveniently bought online as they do not need to be fitted.

Get the Venues, Entertainment and Décor Booked Well in Advance

If you have a venue in mind for the ceremony and reception, make sure to book these well ahead of the wedding date, because there is a possibility that these venues may already be booked for that date and time. In that case, you need to have back-up options so the sooner you get the venues sorted, the better. Also, popular bands, cake decorators and florists get booked in advance for weddings, so make sure that you find and contact these parties before they become unavailable for your wedding.

Product advertisements are created with the goal of getting the consumer to buy a product irrespective of whether that product is need by the consumer or good for him. From its very inception the advertisements have passed on their viewers subliminal messages that are intended to make the viewer believe an untruth. Shockingly, upon switching on your television you will likely be plagued with advertisements from fast food giants marketing their food as healthy and a great choice for kids with no proper laws in place stopping them from doing so. 

Diet awareness created by the millennial generation

Fortunately today with the advent of social media, we are seeing a rise in awareness created that conveys an opposing message to consumers. The consumers of the millennial generation have taken to social media to expose the dangers of meat eating, processed food and the fast food market. Where the meat, dairy and fast food industries will have you believe that eating their products are good for you, the millennial generation or generation Y, is taking to social media to expose the frightening effects of meat eating, dairy consumption and processed food giving rise to a new generation of plant based healthy eaters. Naysayers however are making public their own views questioning the viability and nutrition of a vegan diet. Contrary to popular belief, a belief that has been instilled in us by the meat industry itself, it is very possible to live a very healthy life on a plant based diet. All protein and other nutritionals needs of plant based eaters are more than comfortably met through soy, beans and lentils with further nutritional supplements such as vegan pea protein powder becoming available.

Contrary to what fast food giants such as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken will have you believe, a vegan diet is capable of sustaining a human completely in during all stages of their lives even pregnancy and lactation with plant based supplements such as vegan pea protein powder, although not a necessity, available to keep a vegan mom at ease. Remember that if a plant based eater is consuming fresh peas and beans, it would be entirely unnecessary to take a supplement that is also made of beans. However, in the case of busy career person, a supplement may be recommended.

Sadly we have become so used to eating this thing we call food that we feed it to our babies, our school going children and ourselves without much thought about its consequences. With this change in our lifestyle we have seen that cancer and obesity related illnesses are more common than ever. With companies such as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken being the most popular eateries around, a frighteningly large percentage of the population suffers from high cholesterol and is at great risk of heart failure.

Hosting an event can be a stressful task, especially if it is solely left to one person alone. There is a multitude of tasks that have to be organized to perfection so that there are no obstacles to face on the day of the event. It will be useful to make a list of things that need to be done so that nothing can slip your mind. It can even be useful to share the responsibilities with someone else so that there can be more focus on individual tasks and you can keep each other in check. When it comes to having a party, here are some of the necessities that you might want to keep an eye out for.


Perhaps the food is one of the most important aspects of the party. The details need to be mapped out perfectly when it comes to the type of food, the quantity of it and how it is going to be arranged. This can be either homemade or catered. There are various companies that specialize in catering to parties. If you are preparing the food at home, there are easy recipes that can be followed. Food at parties is meant to be kept simple and fun. Cheese and crackers, mini sandwiches, cookies and brownies are ideal snacks to be served. Drinks can be bought and stored in the refrigerator or punch can be made at home as well.


A party is not complete without decorations. These include balloons, confetti, banners and signs. All these items can be made at home, except for balloons. There are ranges of places that provide sexy adult costumes.  These places rent out banners and offer services such as blowing balloons and replacing air with helium in balloons. The banners can be custom made by these places upon providing the details that need to be printed on the banner.                 

Party ware

Whist hosting a party can take a lot of effort; it will consume twice the effort when it comes to cleaning up after the function has finished up. In order to lessen your workload, it can be wiser to opt for disposable plates, cups and napkins. Just make sure that you get the quantity right so you do not end up panicking when your stock of party ware disappears. Shops that specialize in selling costume hats usually have all the items that you can think of.


Not many people are trained in the skill of baking. Party cakes will be more difficult to top off than normal cakes. The best thing to do would be to place an order for the specific type of cake that you need, well ahead to the date of the event. This includes the flavor of the cake, the color of the frosting on the cake and the lettering that is needed on the cake.

In an ever changing world, we must adapt and take adequate measures to protect ourselves against various threats in all aspects of our lives. Whether it be for home security or for your business, an effective set of security measure should be taken. One such measure is surveillance. While most argue that this might be a violation of your privacy, there are some proven benefits of this method which I will point out in this article.

Firstly, it serves as a deterrent. They say that when it comes to bad habits, it is better to nip it in the bud. Installing a surveillance camera in prominent areas will make people think twice about committing a crime. Whether it be in your home or your office, knowing that their actions will be recorded will reduce the rate of break-ins to your premises. Not only in relation to crime but they will also serve as a deterrent for breaking the rules such as in schools or work places. For example, by installing cameras you can ensure that students adhere by the strict dress code or that your employees don’t break the ‘no smoking inside the building’ rule. By knowing their actions are watched, they will not break the rules in the future.

Next, it an serve as a system to monitor activities and gather data for waterproof fitness tracker. For an example say there is a surveillance camera at the entrance of a building, by using the recordings you are able to know who exactly entered the building and at what time. You are also able to monitor who exactly enters the building and have a record of this. If you have a shop of a boutique, you can use these to monitor all parts of your store and anticipate if there will be any trouble in certain sections. You will also be able to track any petty theft that might occur.

Another benefit of these cameras is that you have concrete proof for claims. For an example if you catch an act of waterproof fitness tracker to your property on the feed, then you can take it to the police and have a good case. Also in cases of insurance claims, if by any chance you happen to have damage caused to your property that you can claim from the company then you have visual proof to back your claim. You can also use the recordings to settle disputes or issues arising in the workplace. By referring to your records you are able to make a decision based on what actually happened. While there are many arguments against surveillance, what you have to realize is there are many benefits as well.


We all know the familiar story of having a closet full of old unusable clothing but having to spend hundreds on newer clothes for work and casual wear. Unusable clothing may include stained, torn or clothing that does not fit anymore due to recent weight loss. However, you may not need to spend hundreds on anymore new clothing after all. The latest trend among the new generation of earth conscious youngsters is to recycle and up cycle products. You may be familiar with the concept of re cycling however up cycling is a fairly new trend of recreating an old product to produce a brand new creative product that is entirely different. For example, as opposed to putting a plastic bottle in a bin for recycling, up cycling the bottle could include cutting the bottle up and creating a beautiful new lampshade out of it.

Up cycling old clothing

If you have a horde of old stretched tee shirts lying around in your store room, you could up cycle them to create newer, more fashionable tees, tank tops, scarves and bags. There are hundreds of amazing up cycled tank top designs you could find on google than can be redesigned in less than an hour to create an all new amazing wardrobe for yourself. Use the remaining cut off pieces of the tee shirts to create matching jewelry by braiding the pieces together and adding beads in between. If you have even more cut off pieces, you could create a matching sling bag or, if the pieces are too small, you could create a patch work bag.
In case you have basic sewing skills, another great up cycling idea is to create handbags from denim jeans. Find an old pair of big mens jeans and cut off the legs of the jeans leaving the upper part and the pockets. Create a thick bag strap by cutting up the legs and attach it to the waist of the jeans. Next, you could either sew up the leg holes as they are or you could attach another flowered rectangular piece of thick material to the bottom over the leg holes, finishing up your creative new bag. Use the remaining cutoff pieces of denim to create plaited necklaces and many creative earrings.

A pair of big mens jeans can also be up cycled into a cute pair of women’s overalls with a little bit of sewing skills. Patterns can be found on the internet. You may cut out flower designs from your old tee shirts and make your new overalls more creative and fashionable.

Old Tee shirts could also be up cycled into cute new dresses with a little bit of cutting and chopping. You could create a belt for your new tee shirt using a strip of denim from an old denim leg to add a touch of class to your new dress.

By the time you are done with all your old clothing, you may find that you have far more new clothes and accessories than you may actually need. If this is the case, you could find a flea market in your area and sell some of your new bags and accessories to make a little bit of extra cash.